Who am I?

Network engineer

After getting my degree in applied computer science at the Erasmushogeschool Brussel in 2018. I started working as a network engineer for a big financial institute that year.

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Passion for IT

I’ve been fascinated about IT since I was young. As I grew older, I started to obtain more in-depth knowledge. After I graduated, I kept on acquiring new knowledge, and passed several certifications from distinguished vendors.

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I’ve been a swimmer on national level since 2007. In order to keep progressing I also do some power training multiple times a week.

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What do I do?

Building websites

Building & maintaining websites using WordPress. By making your website, we make sure to keep an eye on the SEO so your website ranks highly in Google and other search engines.

Building computers

We’ll choose the right components for your computer, keeping your budget, preferences, and constraints in mind. We will assemble your computer and test it extensively.


We will help you with all your IT-related questions. From powering on a computer to more in depth questions.

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